Jennifer E

Shruti has provided after school care for my 6-year-old for the past several months and he has benefited tremendously from her care. Shruti is compassionate and thoughtful and emphasizes emotional intelligence in her approach. My son is better at managing his emotions and has learned to be more gentle around younger children – the mixed-aged environment has been great for him! I highly recommend Shruti and the care she provides.

Sasha Samonek

As a new parent, trying to find the right place to care for your child is stressful. We knew what we wanted and the feeling we needed to get when choosing the right person to watch our son. We wanted a place that we could trust would treat our son like their very own and provide him with the necessary tools to grow and learn. We found just that with Shruti!

Our son has been going to Shruti’s for a few weeks now and we are extremely happy with how well the transition has been going. My son has fallen in love with not only her, but her whole family as well. I also love the updates and pictures I receive from her and how she shares their everyday activities.

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Michelle Chan

My two sons (age 2&4) just started going to Shruti’s Daycare. I have never had them so excited to go to day care, and they have been through a few while trying to find the right fit. She is kind an gentle with them and they really feel comfortable at her home, as if they were staying home with family. She works with my older son on writing and recognizing words in the alphabet which is something he hates doing at his preschool. I really feel my kids are cared for in a loving way and I know she treats them as if they were her own. I am so lucky to have found her, right here and so close to my own home.

Namita B.

This is a great day care for toddlers and infants. My cousin’s son attends Shruti’s Family day care and has been going since past 8 months. He enjoys going to daycare and has special attachment with Shruti. The friendly atmosphere and the warmth with which Shruti handles the kids is commendable.

We have been happy to see the little one enjoying so much at the daycare and it feels like personal attention is given to each and every child here.
I would highly recommend this day care for little ones.

Ashley S.

I am so thankful I found Shruti’s Day Care. I have twin infants and was contemplating not returning to work because we could not find day care we felt comfortable with. Shruti has taken exceptional care of our girls and sends me photos and videos which help me feel more comfortable while I am at work. My girls get so excited to see her, and her staff. I feel very comfortable with my girls here and could not be more happy with our care. I definitely recommend!

Miya R.

My Son is going to Shruti’s day care since he is 8 months Old. Shruti provides great attention to all kids and she always had a huge smile when we walked to the door. She is organized and gives proper updates regarding my son’s milestones.With her I feel very comfortable leaving my child.My Son always loves going there and enjoys his time in his daycare

Kerry A.

As first time parents, we were nervous to leave our tiny infant with someone else. Shruti took excellent care of our daughter from when she was 3 months old. She notices the individual patterns and characteristics of the kids so she’s instantly aware when something is off, like an illness or teething. The other daycare ladies, especially “Auntie,” were also great. They really have a passion for taking care of kids and making sure they’re happy. We have to leave because we’re moving. Otherwise, we would stay with Shruti until my daughter was ready for school. Some lucky family is going to take our spot. I would recommend this daycare to a friend.

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Since I’m a first time mom was worrying about my son whether he will get into a good day care with all the services and finally we got one and happy with the Shrutis family day care. Shruits daily updates and activities about my son makes me feel relaxed and no tension at work. Shruti is doing a good job in terms of managing rules and regulations to be followed by every parent.Shrutis advice and suggestions are always helpful related to any issues or concerns about my son. Shruti is a friendly person and I would recommend anyone who is looking or searching for a home based day care with all care and services to your kid.

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Becky Tyler

Shruti’s Daycare is really great. My kids 2 & 4 had a great time. Super kid friendly space. Boys did activities and wanted to go back. We only needed short-term, but we were still invited back for for an Easter party, which was so much fun. Shruiti is did a great job with our kids. Would totally recommend her daycare if you are looking.

Emil Visperas

When we saw our son and Shruti interact, we knew right then and there that we had found the right person to take care of our son. The most important thing we were looking for in someone when daycare searching was “that feeling” you get when you meet someone and just know they will care for your child as if he/she was their own. And Shruti definitely gave us that feeling. And yes of course we liked that her place is very clean, that she is very organized, and that she has her license. But treating our son like family was ultimately what sold us. If you are looking for a daycare provider I highly suggest Shruti. You will not need to look elswhere.

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Virma Mabutas

Shruti and her family are a blessing. They make you feel right at home and welcome you with open arms. They are as kind as they are generous. Shruti values the importance of education and early development which is why she takes the time to understand the needs of each child.There are so many things that we could say but when you meet Shruti yourself you will see just how respectful and compassionate she is. You’d be hard pressed to find a more capable and trustworthy person to be a part of your child’s life.

People like Shruti are far and few in between. So we are confident in saying that if given a chance she will not disappoint.